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Description - Hawkhead Whisky Smoked

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TEMPWS01 Whisky Smoked Original Cashews TEMPWS01 Whisky Smoked Firecracker Cashews TEMPWS01 Whisky Smoked Glazed Cashews

10x65g 10x65g 10x65g

*£15.00 *£15.00 *£15.00

*£1.50 *£1.50 *£1.50

Orders start from £100 or more to avoid a small delivery charge Introduction order also available on first order – please ask to try (normally 30/50% of min order

Whisky Smoked Cashews There is only one thing better than sitting cradling a nice drink in the evening … and that’s cradling a

nice drink with a handful of tasty whisky smoked cashews. all prices shown exclude VAT. Items marked with a * are vatable To re-order or try an introduction order please call – 0333 050 1600 -

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