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Description - Purely Plantain Chips We Love Purely Chips 75g - Sea Salt We Love Purely Chips 75g - Nice and Spicy We Love Purely Chips 75g - Wild Garlic We Love Purely Chips 28g - Sea Salt We Love Purely Chips 28g - Wild Garlic We Love Purely Chips 28g - Nice and Spicy

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10x75g 10x75g 10x75g 20x28g 20x28g 20x28g

£13.60 £13.60 £13.60 £13.80 £13.80 313.80

£1.36 £1.36 £1.36 £0.69 £0.69 £0.69

Shelf life: 6/9 months delivered Orders start from 6 cases and up to avoid a small delivery charge Introduction order also available on first order – please ask to try (normally 30/50% of the min order)

Purely has been created to bring more adventure to your taste buds. We banish the boring and celebrate tasty, delicious and mind-blowing flavours. Starting with our nutritious plantain chips sourced from the vibrant culture of Ecuador, we want you to open, crunch and experience a sense of adventure in every bite. I’m here to encourage you to embrace different cultures and be more adventurous. Small changes can be the spark for much bigger things in your life. The world is full of flavours. Stefania Pellegrino -- Co-Founder

All prices shown exclude VAT. Items marked with a * are vatable To re-order or try an introduction order please call – 0333 050 1600 -

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