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Description - Jones Trust Your Gut

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JTYG - Welsh Kimchi

6x460g 6x460g 6x460g 6x460g

£37.56 £29.22 £29.22 £29.22

£6.26 £4.87 £4.87 £4.87

JTYG - Smoked Cucumber Kraut

JTYG ORGANIC - Fermented Spirulina Kraut JTYG ORGANIC - Fermented Turmeric Slaw

Orders start from £125 and up to avoid a small delivery charge – across the whole range Introduction order also available on first order – please ask to try (normally 30/50% of the min order)

We launched one week before the Covid lockdown in Spring 2020 and since then have been working to create a business that makes inspired food that is delicious and great for gut health. We are 100% recyclable, organic and we sustain the biodiversity of the Welsh Marches. Our bold, colourful designs draw proudly from nature, the Welsh landscape and our international inspirations. Anna & Malcolm

All prices shown exclude VAT. Items marked with a * are vatable To re-order or try an introduction order please call – 020 3384 1600 -

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