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Olives Et Al - Moroccan Preserved Lemons

6x400g 6x210g 6x180g 6x650g 6x90g 6x270 6x160g

£34.14 £17.94 £18.90 £31.98 £17.94 £21.24 £18.90

£5.69 £2.99 £3.15 £5.33 £2.99 £3.54 £3.15

Olives Et Al - Sweet Chilli Billy Jelly

Olives Et Al - North African Style Red Chilli Harissa

Olives Et Al - Sticky Onion Marmalade Olives Et Al - Egyptian Style Dukkah

Olives Et Al - Putney Sauce

Olives Et Al - Moroccan Inspired Tapenade Marocaine

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Olives Et Al Dressing - Spicy Chilli & Ginger Olives Et Al Dressing - Punchy Beetroot & Thyme Olives Et Al Dressing - Rich Shallot & Orange Olives Et Al Dressing - Tart Raspberry & Mint Olives Et Al Dressing - Mojo Pink Grapefruit Olives Et Al Dressing - Citrus Lemon & Dill Olives Et Al Dressing - Proper Mustard & Herb

6x250ml 6x250ml 6x250ml 6x250ml 6x250ml 6x250ml 6x250ml

£18.48 £18.48 £18.48 £18.48 £18.48 £18.48 £18.48

£3.08 £3.08 £3.08 £3.08 £3.08 £3.08 £3.08


In the early 90s, Giles and Annie Henschel embarked on a year-long adventure that would be the inspiration for Olives Et Al. Travelling on motorbikes through the Mediterranean, the Middle East and North Africa, they fell in love with the food they ate along the way. Over 26 years young and we are still her, producing food which tastes and looks just the way it should without using artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives. We begin with the finest ingredients, use original recipes (many handed down through the generations), add a bucket of passion and finish with minimal and elegant packaging to make some of the best food you are ever likely to taste. One thing you can be assured of is that quality and authenticity will never be compromised for the sake of production.

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